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Technology in F-2

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Email: galvin.stefanie.s@edumail.vic.gov.au

Blog: Miss Galvin Learns

Class blog: The Little Smarties

Twitter: @stefgalvin

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Contemporary (Digital) Literacies Project (2012)

Mini Networks LiveBinder (2011)


Sunshine Online


Turtle Diary

Bouncy Balls

Online Stopwatch

Writing Time

Spelling City


Talking Points (on LWT)

Easi-Speak Mic (on LWT)

Talking Photo Album A4 (on LWT)

BeeBots (on Teaching.com.au)


8 thoughts on “PD Resources

  1. hello,
    I am a new graduate teacher and I’ve just been given a position to a prep classroom (yay) I’m just a bit interested in what you do on the first day/ weeks of school. Slightly nervous. I, not sure if you have a blog post or anything on what to do during that time 🙂
    Thanks Eleena


  2. Hi Stefanie, long time follower – LOVE your work! I was wondering if you could tell me what the posters are in the background of your Elf on the Shelf picture amongst the stockings. I love them, and I am transitioning from a Prep classroom to a Year 1 class – these would be perfect. Enjoy the rest of your break,


    • Hi Sue, thanks so much!

      If you’re referring to the green posters with the sounds/pictures? My school uses the Sound Waves phonics programs from Firefly Education. They have two large charts (consonants and vowels) that accompany the program which we finally purchased last year across the school. They’re a great visual.

      (We also use their images to create our sound brainstorm posters – the white ones in the background – too, to tie it all together.)

      I hope that helps!


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