A Bright Idea for Thinking Hats



Welcome back to another Bright Ideas post!

Slide1Most of you will be familiar with DeBono’s 6 Thinking Hats.

For those of you who aren’t, the 6 different coloured hats represent 6 different ways of thinking:

White Hat: Facts
Black Hat: Cautions
Yellow Hat: Benefits
Red Hat:  Feelings
Green Hat: Creativity
Blue Hat: Process

At my school we use the Thinking Hats to use different ways to think about tasks, problems and any number of activities. That said, it can be a little challenging for my Foundation students.

Thus, (many years ago!) I purchased these fun glitter hats from the local dollar store and any time an activity calls for a Thinking Hat, we pull them down and we wear them!

Slide3I’ve found that the kids really enjoy having the hands on, physical representation of the type of thinking they’re trying to undertake – it’s also a fabulous reminder for them that there ARE different ways of approaching a task because they can see the hats displayed all the time in the classroom.


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