A Bright Idea for Sticker Management


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Slide1If you’re anything like me, you probably have a TON of teacher stickers floating around somewhere in your classroom, right? (Tell me I’m not the only one!!)

I’ve tried many ways of managing my stickers over the years, from filing them, to putting them in binders and having them in drawers. But what’s always driven me NUTS is having half-finished sticker sheets. I tell you, there’s nothing more satisfying than finished a full sheet of stickers!

My goal this year was to make my stickers more accessible and thus, more readily used. I really wanted to get through my collection.

This is what I came up with:


I went through ALL my sticker and grouped them into their respective sets and just used a paperclip to keep them together. Then I put them in the drawers that are right behind my teacher chair (to keep them easily accessible).


I pulled out ALL the half-finished sticker sheets (you know, those tiny little dot stickers?!) and put them in a plastic basket.


I keep this basket on my ‘teacher’ table and it is my FIRST port of call for stickers.

Believe it or not, this basket was FULL 6 weeks ago and now I’m running low on half-finished sticker sheets. That means I get to dip into my new sheets and keep the process going.

I’ve found this to be a really good way to actually USE my stickers on a daily basis without having to dive around to find them.

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6 thoughts on “A Bright Idea for Sticker Management

  1. I’m personally not a teacher, but I do use stickers a lot for my planner. I have never thought about paper clipping them to keep the same or similar ones together. What a great idea! I also like that you keep your more used ones in a particular place for easy convenience.


  2. Hi Stefanie,
    I wanted to follow the blog hop, but there’s no links to do so – although your comment indicates that there should be.


  3. Oh Girl I hear ya! Last year I waved a half used roll of stickers at my grade and challenged them to see how long it would take us to get the roll finished. I wasn’t allowed to use any other stickers in that time. The kids got right into it and it had the effect of them really stepping up the quality of their work so they could their bit and help the challenge along.
    I can relate to the glee of throwing away a totally empty sticker sheet!
    I’m trying to be on a sticker diet and not buy any until the stash is depleted a little.


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