Vista Print Goodies

Hello, my friends!

Firstly, I’d like to announce the winner of my giveaway:

Congratulations, Cindy! Check your email shortly. 🙂

Now on to some fun stuff that I received in the mail on Monday!

love receiving mail and packages. (Ok, maybe I just love buying things… but I digress!)

Last week I got a ScoopOn deal for VistaPrint, so I did some fun shopping!

Shiny new business cards for me. Don’t really need them, but I LOVE them because they match my blog.

Plus, I’m a Prep/Grade 1 teacher. I don’t need fancy-smancy ‘professional’ looking business cards when I can have super-cute ones! (Plus, I get to plug my good friends Mel and Nikki and their gorgeous graphics!)

I spent LOTS on personalised stickers. I love using these mailing labels for stickers.

  • Miss Galvin thinks my work is magical!
  • Miss Galvin thinks my work is su-PURR-b!
  • Miss Galvin LIKES my work!
  • Signed by Miss Galvin (these match an ink stamp I had made up)

Bit of a close up shot!

Birthday postcards! (This is to top up a previous set!)

I also bought a set of business card-sized fridge magnets with a link to my class blog for families. I’ll be sending those home shortly!

So… that’s my exciting news!

I’ve posted about my VistaPrint purchases, previously. You can see all those posts here!

For those of you in Australia and New Zealand, I hope you have a safe ANZAC Day tomorrow. To all my northern hemisphere friends, I hope you have a lovely middle of the week!

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